Price list

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Dives - including 10 or 12 L cylinder & weights:

1 DIVE € 38

Dives - including equipment:

1 DIVE € 53
REFRESHER DIVE – 1 dive in pool or sea € 65
DISCOVER REBREATHER DIVING – 1 dive in the pool (30 min.) € 59
DISCOVER REBREATHER DIVING – 1 dive in the sea (60 min.) € 99

Equipment rental - per dive:

Regulator (complete) € 6 Mask/ fins/ snorkel (set) € 9
BCD/ Jacket € 6 Boots/ gloves € 2
Wetsuit 6 mm € 6 Dive light (2 dives) € 10
Dive computer € 3 Digital camera € 30

Complete equipment set (without dive light) - per dive € 15

PADI Basic training – including equipment and certification*

BUBBLEMAKER - 1 dive in pool (children 8 – 10 years) € 35
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING - 1 dive in pool (from 10 years on) € 55
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING - 1 dive in the sea (from 10 years on) € 80
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING - 2 dives in the sea € 110
SCUBA DIVER* - pool & 2 dives in the sea € 220
OPEN WATER DIVER* - pool & 4 dives in the sea € 395
OPEN WATER REFERRAL* - 5 dives in the sea, incl. refresher € 325

PADI continuïng education – including equipment and certification*

ADVENTURE DIVER* - 3 dives € 320
ADVANCED OPEN WATER* - 5 dives € 340
RESCUE DIVER* - 5 dives € 350
DIVEMASTER - 2-week course (approx. 25 dives incl.) € 750

PADI specialty courses - excl. equipment, insurance and certification fee (€ 55)

Classroom session, incl. manual - no dives:
Including 2 dives:
€ 120
€ 235
BOAT DIVER (Prerequisite: OWD)
Incl. 2 dives & classroom session:
€ 80
Incl. student kit & classroom sessions:
€ 140
Incl. student kit & classroom sessions:
€ 140
CAVERN DIVER (Prerequisite: AOWD)
Incl. 4 dives & classroom sessions:
€ 340
SEARCH & RECOVERY (Prerequisite: AOWD or OWD + U/W Navigation)
Incl. 4 dives & classroom session:
€ 240
Incl. 2 dives & classroom session:
€ 120
DEEP DIVER (Prerequisite: AOWD)
Incl. 3 dives & classroom sessions:
€ 180
Incl. 2 dives & classroom sessions (photo-CD & camera rental included):
€ 210
SELF-RELIANT DIVER (prerequisite: AOWD + 100 dives)
Incl. 3 dives & classroom session (DSMB & stage cylinder incl.):
€ 240
SIDEMOUNT DIVER (prerequisite: OWD)
Incl. 4 dives & classroom session (regs & sidemount wing incl.):
€ 300
Incl. 4 dives (rebreather rental, soda lime & gas included):
€ 300
Classroom sessions:
€ 120

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Prices are in force except for printing errors. Our prices may be altered without prior notice.



Course Explanation:

Discover Scuba Diving (1 or 2 dives, including equipment and insurance)

This beginners course will give you the chance to see what scuba diving is really like in the magnificent underwater world. With a limited depth and some basic skills you can enjoy the sensation of being underwater, knowing you have an instructor close at hand to assist or take you by the hand. You can make your first dive in the pool or in the sea. Afterwards you can choose to enroll in a PADI Scuba Diver- or Open Water Course to become a certified diver.

PADI Scuba Diver (pool & 2 dives in the sea, incl. equipment and certification)

This course is excellent for those who want to get certified but do not have the time to finish a complete Open Water Diver Course. Upon completion you’ll get an internationally valid certificate that allows you to dive under the supervision of a PADI Divemaster or Instructor to a maximum depth of 40 ft./ 12 m. Whenever and wherever you want, you can upgrade to the Open Water level if you wish to do so. Just step into one of the dive centres in your hometown!

PADI Open Water Diver (pool & 4 dives in the sea, incl. equipment and certification)

The Open Water course includes pool lessons and four dives in the sea. Upon completion, you’ll have an internationally valid certificate; a permit which guarantees the purchase or rental of scuba equipment and air fillings worldwide. After this course you will be able to dive some amazing sites with us, up to a max. depth of 18 mtrs. Every day we visit 2 of 45 dive sites available, under the supervision of our dive guides.
The Open Water MODULE is a continuation of the PADI Scuba Diver course and contains pool lessons plus two more dives in the sea.
The Open Water REFERRAL consists of five dives in the sea and is available to those who have finished their academic and pool portions. The first dive is a refresher of the exercises learnt in the pool.

PADI Adventure Diver (3 dives)

The Adventure Diver course is new and meant for those divers who want to discover diving under different conditions (Deep Diving) or with special techniques (Boat, Photography, Wreck, Search & Recovery.) Choose any three dives you like and you’re on your way to becoming an Advanced Open Water diver!

Advanced Open Water (5 dives)

Continuing training means more safety, more independence from the instructor and a better awareness of your surroundings. This practical course consists of five dives including Navigation, Deep Diving and three dives of your choice, for example Wreck or Photography. After satisfactorily completing these dives you will be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver.

PADI Rescue Diver (5 dives)

The next step after Advanced will be the Rescue Diver course, in which you will be trained to help yourself and others to prevent emergencies and to deal with them if they should occur. The Rescue course contains five training sessions of in-water rescue, diver first aid and theory. After completing this course you will feel more confident and able to help in the event of an emergency. If required, we can include a DAN Oxygen Provider course.

PADI Master Scuba Diver (application to PADI)

The Master Scuba Diver level is the highest achievement you can reach as a non-professional and will only be awarded to those who can show extensive diving experience. To apply for this rating, you must be a minimum of PADI Rescue Diver and show experience in 5 PADI specialties. The staff at SBS offers you several specialties to choose from, like Deep Diving, Cavern Diver, Wreck Diver and many more…

PADI Divemaster (2 – 3 weeks of practical work in our dive centre)

If you have a two or three week holiday on Menorca, if you love diving and want to be of help for any dive centre or want to become an Open Water Instructor one day, then you have the possibility to do the PADI Divemaster course here and now. This will be your first step on the professional path, that’s why the course has nothing to do with carrying tanks or boiling coffee..
You will be in training with us in how to deal with divers, give briefings about dive sites, assist and be responsible for a group of divers; as if you were already a Divemaster! Also we will develop your theoretical knowledge of diving physics, skills and physiology to the same level as an Instructor.

Instructor Training

For certified Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors we offer several courses to widen your knowledge as a professional; like DAN Oxygen Instructor and Handicapped Instructor with the IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers.)
Please email us or visit the dive centre for more information.